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In order to help us serve you better, we have provided some basic information on rodent (usually called rats) commonly seen in our surrounding: mice, rats, mole-rats and bandicoot rats. We trust this information will be useful to you.

House Mouse (Mus muscules): The smallest of the rats, commonly found in homes. Brown to grey in color, 6-9cms long with 7-10cm long tail, large ears and relatively small eyes. They have a characteristic musky odour that identifies their presence. They prefer cereal grains, but will eat many kinds of food. They can jump more than 1 foot onto a flat surface and squeeze through opening just 6.4mm in diameter.

House/Roof/Black Rat (Rattus rattus) The common rat found in our homes, larger than the house mouse. Dark brown to black in color, 16-20cms long with 19-25cms long tail and large ears. They are usually active at night and very cautious, shying away from new objects and changes. They will eat practically anything but prefer fruits, vegetables and cereals. They tend to follow the same route between nests and food/water sources, leaving characteristic rub or “swing” marks on vertical surfaces.

Norway/Brown/Sewer Rat (Rattus norvegicus): The rat usually found near sea ports, brown in colour, 18-20cms long with 15-18cms long tail. It is larger than the House Rat and is an excellent swimmer, thriving in sewers and drainage systems beneath cities. In India, it is limited to sea parts/large cities due to the presence of india Mole-Rat/Bandicoot Rat.

Indian Mole-Rat/Lesser Bandicoot Rat (Bandicota bengalensis): A smaller version (15-23cms long) of the Indian Bandicoot Rat, with a relatively larger tail (13—18cm long), rounded ears and short, broad muzzle. Their burrows have a characteristic pile of earth around the entrance (hence the name) and the burrow system is extensive, consisting of numerous chambers for sleeping, storing etc. galleries and exit holes for emergencies. They have a habit of erecting long hairs on their back when threatened or excited.

Bandicoot Rat (Bandicota indica) : The largest and most aggressive commensal rat in India, dark grayish-Brown, 30-40cms long with equally long tail, weighing as much as 1.4kg.! Usually occupies the outskirts of human dwellings such as compounds and gardens and is commonly found near garbage bins. Its characteristic large burrows cause great damage to grounds and flooring as it can also tunnel through brick and masonry. A non-fussy eater, it is also a serious pest in poultry.

Rats are extremely intelligent, agile & adaptable mammals and thrive in almost all kinds of habitat. They are expert acrobats and swimmers and can easily climb through open drainage pipes and rough surfaces of walls and tree branches near buildings. Their hard, sharp incisors are strong enough to gnaw through wood, chipboard, plastic and even lead pipes. Rats are prolific breeders; the young attain sexual maturity within 12 weeks and in ideal conditions, a single pair can multiply rapidly to 800 in year. Their droppings. Urine and hair contaminate food grains and also pose serious health threat. Rats are carriers of more than 40 dreaded disease-causing organisms such as plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, murine typhus, leishmaniasis and rat-bite fever.

RPC Pied Piper Service consists of an inspection, baiting and monitoring program with suggestion for proofing and sanitation, using the latest technology and materials.

Some conditions that favor rat infestations:

-food and waste material lying around, improper hygiene

-gaps under doors, improperly closing doors and windows

-wooden crates, scrap material etc. lying around provides perfect cover

-tall vegetation, drainage pipes without protective “ cones” can provided access to higher floors

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